TRANSFORM: Redstone Liberation – Trailer

Out on FRIDAY for Members, and Sunday on this website… Lady X and Shining Spirit go undercover to ‘liberate’ a large Redstone from the clutches of Reggie, but Shining Spirit struggles with the concept of pretending to be another person, blowing their cover with religious recitations. Reggie is in the mood to test out his laser!


  • Oh hell yes!!! Two heroines vs one bad guy is my favourite kind of fight, and this one looks particularly awesome.
    The Way Lady X and Shining Spirit are look exhausted as the fight goes on reminds me of the fight in ‘Tough Justice 2’ (same actor as the baddie, too), and that’s still one of my favourites.

  • This looks to be another exceptional outing for the lovely Lady X, this time paired with the wonderful Shining Star. From the trailer, the action looks fierce, and I’m looking forward to seeing Lady X in her civilian attire. Can’t wait until Friday!

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