TRANSFORM: Shiva’s Deal – 1st Previews

Out this weekend… ‘Shiva’s Deal’ sees a rising force led by Shiva Derecha trying to cut a deal with space pirate Requiem to move her business elsewhere. Things appear to be going smoothly until an undercover Deceptress intervenes. But can our heroine realistically stop BOTH villains?


  • A transform video (a concept i love) starring Erica (my favorite NGC heroine) in her original costume (YES!) and being outnumbered? You have never sold me a video so quickly before! And from the previews this might even be a contender for my favorite NGC video ever. Thanks for this!

  • This is awesome!! What an awesome dress, looks like a good plot line to boot. I absolutely love Erica’s long cape outfit, it’s my favorite of all time and she wears it supremely

  • It’s probably no consolation to the guy in photo number 8, but there’s probably no better way to depart than that.

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