TRANSFORM: Two Ladies – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for all others… Lady X gets KO’d to the moon in the total catastrophe of a transform mission. The superheroine is outclassed in all departments by a raging Lady Nemesis hellbent on her total humiliation. How bad does it get? If you’re a Member then open your email to find out now!


  • I’ve noticed the photosets taken on Panasonic GH5 look much more compressed than those taken on Canon R5. The details are a bit more smudged when zoomed in at 100%. I wonder if that’s something NGC is aware of

  • As a member who opened his email this morning then quickly purchased both the video and the photo set, I can say this: it gets bad, very bad, very very bad for our lovely Lady X. The term “slaughter” comes to mind.

  • Lady X is rapidly becoming a new favorite. Complete destruction of the hapless heroine in both of her attires. Enjoyed this very much and I dearly hope there is a follow-up based on the ending. Well done!

  • Lady X has to be one of the best superheroine peril performers I’ve seen. In every video she’s done, her performance has been nothing short of spectacular, and that continues in this video. Both her acting and her action were top-notch throughout.
    Lady Nemesis really put her through the wringer (just like Lord Nemesis did) and you could really see the struggle getting more intense as the video went on.
    I think someone had a lot of fun with Lady Nemesis’s voice 😉

    For me, there was just one thing that made it not quite a perfect video (and this is just a personal thing. I know for a fact that for a lot of people it was a major selling point of the video) and that’s the debooting. I know it’s a popular trope of the genre, but I always get sad when I see those boots get thrown away. Oh well. There was still a whole load of booted action for me to enjoy prior to that.

    And man-o-man, what a performance!

  • Lady X tried to do the smart thing and escape. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work 🙂 The video, photo set and Alias behind the scenes video were all great ! 🙂

    • I agree wholeheartedly. One of the best packages ever provided to us, and that’s saying something given the stellar videos this site and it’s sister sires have put our over the years. And as for the performances, they really were top notch and Lady X has become perhaps my favorite peril heroine. And while I generally prefer to not have denoting of the heroine, Lady X has the feet and legs to pull it off with tremendous grace.

  • Well this leaves me absolutely gasping for a sequel! Please tell me one is at least being considered??

    I miss the days of multi-part squashes like some of the classic Bluebird stuff. Much of that is what made her one of the best, and Lady X is certainly becoming someth of a contender to her throne!

  • Jobson+Silva says:

    Top quality “squashing” provided by the mighty Lady Nemesis.Almost as good as the destruction of Ubiquity seen in NGC Championship. Lady X completelly delivers the victim part.

  • Loved the video! Lady X is fantastic!

    The only thing is the sound effects are a little out of sync.

    Gotta admit I love the debooting stuff.

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