TRANSFORM: Tying Up A Deal – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Majesty makes a mistake she is bound to regret as she attempts to teach Snare a lesson in good manners, and not messing with Elite Force. Snare can be prideful and foolish, but his ability to improvise with traps and ropes is legendary. Perhaps the young Queen will be the one grovelling in the end?


  • This is the Mary Poppins of videos, practically perfect in every way. Majesty? Check. Outfit change? Check. Clever fight choreography? Check. Lots of bondage? Check. What more do you want? Oh, some knockouts? Also, check. It’s a sneaky epic with tons of great content.
    Bondage fans should be all over this one, of course. Lots of inventive ropings and Majesty fights while bound a few times, which is lovely to see. She also breaks free of several tie-ups, which is brilliant, because it gives Snare another chance to tie her up again. These two had a lot of chemistry in their photoset some time back, glad to see it in a video.
    Perhaps best of all, Majesty is tethered and ethered! How despicable! Terrific, lengthy scene, with an excellent performance by Majesty with her eyes and vocals. It takes two tries to bring her down, although she’s dizzy and depleted from the first dose, allowing Snare to steer her gently to sleep. Even chloroform can’t keep Majesty down for long, though, and there’s another act of the fetchingly fettered femme left after she recovers from the cloth.
    Majesty’s charm is off the charts here. Adorable glasses, and that disguise? Well, an outfit like that takes all the challenge out of bluffing your way into a villain’s hideout. And she fights for a bit before the costume emerges. Her cover name? Delores Audacity! Sounds ridiculous, but would a real Equilibrium agent have a less ridiculous name?
    Overall, the video is tremendous fun. Watching Snare shift from guarded suspicion to clumsy boasting about his encounter with Erika is entertaining and I loved Lizzie’s flirty encouragement of his awkward bragging. Even better is her righteous anger at his offenses against Elite Force and outrage at the indignity of being bested by such a lowlife.
    It’s great to see Snare again, especially if you’re a fan of restraints as I am. He’s been around a long time, but hasn’t turned up too often. I’d welcome a Snare renaissance, where he gets back into the business of tormenting heroines professionally (seems like it’s a hobby now.) Perhaps “Delores’s” fraudulent pitch will inspire him to return to the mercenary game. As I recall, he was one of the original recipients of the Disciple drug for strength enhancement. I wonder if he’s still using it, given his boasts about how strong he is, and what effects it might have had over all that time.

  • Really enjoyed this one. Conceptually, Snare has always been my favorite villain, and you just gotta love the jacket. And Majesty is great at playing the straight woman to the chaos always swirling around. Having it be a call back to a prior vid was a solid idea, things like that help make the world feel more connected and gives just a little extra meaning to the encounter.

  • Spectacular video! Very possibly my favourite Majesty video yet.
    Stellar performances from both Majesty and Snare, for all the reason Dr Mabuse mentioned above. Amazing action. Fun chemistry and interplay. Excellent editing to showcase Snare’s super-quick rope work (something I’ve always loved in his videos) and an awesome ending.
    I hope this one’s a big hit for you guys, because it deserves to be

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Majesty is a total babe. And I mean that with the highest of compliments. She is breathtakingly beautiful in way that no other actress in this genre can match. So many of them are cute, or attractive or downright hot but there’s a fierce elegance to Majesty’s beauty that cannot fully be described, only appreciated. Maybe the light fell on her on just right. Maybe she did something with her hair. Maybe I’m just smitten but this video is exhibit A thru Z of why I personally think (and have always thought) she’s amazing.

    For starters, she’s a wonderful actress. I’ve already stated my piece about how most of the NGC girls for the last three years have been pretty underwhelming but Majesty is one of the few exceptions to that and this film is a prime example of why she’s a standout performer. She portrays Majesty with this type of fierceness that I think brings out the character and makes Majesty’s inevitable downfall all the sweeter to watch. Then there’s the fact that she can sell peril with the all time greats that have been here. Everything about what she does in this regard is top notch. Just take it as a given that I’ve watched this a couple times and her performance when in peril was perfect. Everything she did from being chocked, to being slapped, to be punched, to being chloroformed(!) was great. Rare is that you have an actress who can sell all that and yet, here we here with Majesty.

    By the way picture 8, where Majesty is bound with ropes by her neck and ankle while Snare presses his leg into her back. That alone was worth the price of admission. The way Majesty sold that from the expressions she gave, to the sounds she made, to the way she was struggling despite supposedly being the most powerful superheroine there is made me watch, and rewatch, and re-rewatch and -re-re-rewatch that scene again and again and again and again.

    And then there’s the ending. I’ve seen a lot of endings that was supposed to serve as “total humiliation for the heroine” but this is the first one where I truly felt sorry for the heroine. The way Majesty stormed off while the cameras flashed pictures of her, her muffled words, her clearly annoyed expression just made that scene extra humiliating. Did I mention how amazing Majesty is?

  • I think that I first started buying NGC videos with the great Snare-Angel vid. This one was great too. I thought it funny when Snare said that he had never heard of Snare but the word ‘Snare’ is on the back of his jacket 🙂 Lots of good rope work, knockouts, acting by both and was happy that the ‘TV camera view’ was not overdone. The photoset with Majesty/Snare and bonus vid with Candy make this a great buy! 🙂

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