TRANSFORM: Tying Up A Deal – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… Majesty attempts to take down Snare to avenge the Deceptress by using an alter ego to catch him off-guard. Snare is certainly taken in by the compliments, but Majesty fails to recognise the danger this seemingly ridiculous man poses. Before long, she is tied up just like many heroine before her!


  • This is my least favorite costume in NGC (no legs/pantyhose) but I might have to buy this solely for the post chloro open mouth look here. Rare to see that these days.

    • I like the costume *in concept*, and I’d probably like it a lot more if it was on a different heroine. But covering up legs as magnificent as Majesty’s seems in itself an act of supervillainy… 🙂

    • totally agree. Would be much better if she wore the “Princess”-costume instead.

      I think my least favourite would be the one worn by Candy Race aka the Equalizer, at least the old one with the race flag pattern on the side. The new one was much better.
      But yeah, of the ones right now in use, I don’t like Majesty’s very much

      • For the sake of balance, I disagree. I love Majesty in that costume. But then I’m a huge catsuit lover.
        And I have no issue with legs being covered up. In fact, I’d take shiny leather/latex-clad legs over pantyhose any day
        (I still like pantyhose legs too)

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