TRANSFORM: Villain Hunting – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… Killscape has dispatched new Guardian Angel ‘Shining Spirit’ to deal with the Anvil. Killscape is looking to take out any villain who declined to work with him after Celestia exposed his plans. Anvil, without guidance, is not exactly living the healthiest life-style, and mistakes Shining Spirit, in her civilian wear, for a lady of the night. Our heroine is disgusted by the moral corruption on display, and the fight begins!


  • She was outstanding in all her ActionCosplay videos, so I’ve been looking forward to the debut of her new character. I know she’s going to be awesome.

    Nice to see a little bit of outdoor filming there, too. I know you’ve mentioned how problematic it can be to film outside, but it really opens up the world of NGC, even when just used briefly

    • It’s all a bit location permitting. What’s going on round about in terms of noise, or just people staring! I’ve been filming some more outdoor stuff for other projects though, so I’m not as averse as I was.

  • Wait a minute… am I gone mad or aren’t Ubiquity and Shining Spirit played by the same actress that plays Marvelette 2.0?
    I do have trouble with face recognition, truth be told.

    • I was kindly helped by a fellow poster in another thread that this actress while being the same who played Marvelette 2.0 is not the same who played Ubiquity.
      I do have poor facial recognition so i mistook the two. I hope the two actress don’t be offended, as i with and plan to ask for customs in the future with them.
      I do feel quite embaraced about my mistake.

      • I don’t think either will be offended, and if they were they’d never say because that would suggest they thought the other one was ugly.

        • Thanks for those words, man.
          Both actresses are gorgeaus and amazing, they are fantastic additions to your talent roost, I became an imediate fan of both right from first watch.

          • I’m having the same problem with some of the newer actresses. I have to figure out which actress is which, especially when they play a 2nd character in Action Cosplay 🙁

  • Considering her debut as Marvelette was stellar, she has a proper strong woman body and this is a transform video where we get to see some civilian clothing too (wardrobe changes are always great IMO), hope this video does well for you, it ticks so many boxes!!

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