TRANSFORM: Villain Hunting – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Shining Spirit debuts as the most pious superheroine ever. Her virtues and morals are paramount to her, and being pitted against the morally bankrupt Anvil is more than she can stomach. Killscape has ordered her to bring the villain back to him, as he looks to eliminate all threats. Our heroine is blissfully unaware that her master represents the biggest threat of all!


  • Cool intro to the character. Ultra-Religious heroine is not a direction I expected, but its pretty fresh idea. Almost tailor made to get Nemesis in the future, ha. And I got a kick out of the portrayal of The Anvil here, poor guy needs to get back on his feet!

  • Wow!
    It’s impossible to overstate how amazing this actress is. She’s so natural and believable doing the action scenes. She fights with so much passion and energy. And she must be one of the best kickers in the business. Even the action in the photo set bristles with movement (and what a gorgeous photo set it is )
    Fantastic debut for her new character 🙂 I foresee she’ll be a firm favourite

  • I found it kind of funny that Shining Spirit was trying to free Anvil of his evil while she tries to rake his eyes out 🙂

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