TRANSFORM: Villain Hunting – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… The TRANSFORM series is back as new heroine ‘Shining Spirit’ goes undercover to take on an unsuspecting Anvil. He made the mistake of not joining with Equilibrium when he had the chance, and now he must pay! However, the Anvil is known for his merciless behaviour, could this mission be a baptism of fire for Shining Spirit?


  • phoxy_brown says:

    Not sure what your process is or how you continually unearth these wonderful ladies.

    Absolutely love the way she throws a punch combined with the amazing athleticism.

    Very much looking forward this episode.


    • “Not sure what your process is or how you continually unearth these wonderful ladies.”

      I know, right?

      “Absolutely love the way she throws a punch combined with the amazing athleticism.”

      I think most average performers can play at throwing a punch, but only the best know how to SELL a punch. That is what for me sells the value and quality and talent of a F/F performer.
      This actress is absolutely amazing at selling being facepunched. That’s my kind of girl.I’m hoping in future videos she and other giurls of her quality are in videos where they get facepunched a lot. Bellypunchng and bending are getting old, IMNSMKOMO.

  • Not being british myself, i am not too familiar with accents. But i do notice that the acress that plays Shining Spirit has an accent that i don’t think it is estuary, if you know what i mean? What accent is that? Irish? Scottish? I thank you if you reply to this query.
    And yes, this trailer makes the upcoming Shining Spirit debut looks great. The actress already showed her quality as Marvelette 2.0 and i’m positive she will not disappoint, quite the contrary, i’m sure she will be all kinds of awesome.

      • I dont recall her having the same accent in the Marvelette video. Is this a conscious choice for the character of shining spirit?

        • She put on a kind of “New York”-ish accent for Marvelette (at least that’s what it sounded like to my non-American ear), but I definitely remember her using her Scottish accent when she dressed as Supremacy in “Ally of Convenience”.

          I also detected a bit of Scottish occasionally breaking through in “Toxic Fans”, (I hope it doesn’t make me a Toxic Fan for pointing it out 😉 ) so I’d wager that it’s her natural accent, rather than a conscious choice for the Shining Spirit character

    • I know, right?
      I’m hoping we will get lots of facepunching delivered in Shining Spirit. I’m a sucker for the best NGC girls to get facepunched a lot, and she certainly is one of the best.

  • Looks amazing! She fights with such ferocity! 😮 That’s exactly what I loved so much about her in her ActionCosplay videos. That spin kick! wowweee!

  • Looks good. Love the outfits. Also looks like might be a good bearhug. Seems like the hug peril hasnt been getting proper

  • El Valiente says:

    Don’t know if I like her civilian clothes or hero costume better. They both make me wanna say ” Amen ” and give praise to the Almighty.

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