TRANSFORM: X Heroine – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… ‘X Heroine’ sees the unfortunate Lady X get in Lord Nemesis’ way, and for that, he decides she must be crushed. If a Dark God CAN have fun, he certainly has his here as the brave but helpless Lady X is KO’d many times, and even loses her boots and mask along the way!


  • Holy Moly! Outstanding!!
    Back in December, I predicted that Lady X would be the MVP of 2023, and judging by this video, she aims to make it so.
    From the comments this past week, it seems she has plenty of other fans too. I hope those comments translate to purchases, because this one deserves to be a big hit.

    Her performance was sensational throughout, from her confidence at the start, to realizing she was in over her head, to pleading for him to let her go. Quite a journey!
    The action was amazing. It seems you were going out of your way to make this one a crowd-pleaser, as it featured a wide variety of the things people are often asking for.
    Lots of KO’s, chloro (the way she slowly flopped to the floor afterwards was perfect!), knock-out darts, and enough face-punching to keep even our resident face-punch fan overjoyed 😉
    I even enjoyed the debooting (which is saying a lot for me) as it really fit in with the feeling that Nemesis was merely toying with Lady X. It also helped that you did the one thing that I’ve actually always liked about debooting scenes: having the boots used as a weapon to hit the heroine with afterwards, not once, but twice (also excellently captured in the photo set)

    Speaking of which, the huuuuge photo-set was awesome. Lots of lovely posed shots of Lady X in both costumes, and incredible action shots, recreating many of crowd-pleasing moments from the video.

    One definitely not to miss 🙂

    • Very kind. She is terrific in this and I’m glad people have noticed, we’ve not worked with all that many who can reach these heights.

  • Great video! I’m glad to see Lady X again, especially in a video with so many knockouts. There’s already a “KO Queen” character, but this actress performs knockouts so well it’d be an appropriate title. Of course, she’s also beautiful, quirky, and fun with personality to spare. I enjoy Lady X’s nervous energy, highlighted by her anxious equivocations when giving Nemesis the “count of three” to comply with her orders.
    A bit unexpected to see Nemesis resorting to chloroform and darts to accomplish his ends–he typically seems to have any and every power he needs to do whatever he wants–but I guess he appreciates the classics as much as I do. There’s nothing like a good chloroforming to make a heroine seem helpless. I’ve always loved the scene in “Secret Defeat” when Pandora prepares a cloth for Miss Freedom, with Miss Suppression holding her, and Miss F cries “no… not that!” When you’re the mightiest woman on Earth it must feel pretty humiliating to get taken out like girl-detective Nancy Drew.
    Likewise, Nemesis did everything in this one to make Lady X seem pitiful and trifling. I’m not the biggest fan of Nemesis as a “character” but he does serve that purpose exceedingly well. Lady X has three appearances so far and her power doesn’t seem to work all that well. Maybe in her next appearance she’ll have more luck. I’m sure it would help if she weren’t facing an interdimensional Dark God.
    Terrific members gift this week! No matter the title, Captain Liberty is extraordinary!

    • My recollection of KO Queen is that she dished them out rather than take them! Lady X is tremendous in this, a real gem of an actress I hope we get to work with for a long time. Obviously Nemesis couldn’t be in the main story, but he’s ever popular in the non-canon stuff. I can’t see that changing.

  • I gotta say my only gripe with this video (if I ever had one) is she stayed too little in her civilian outfit and didn´t see her struggling in it a bit. It was a VERY good civilian outfit, but of course the video would have been excelent anyways with or without it!

  • Overall the film was solid. The civilian and LadyX outfits looked great. Nemesis’ use of chloro, a dart and debooting was an interesting twist from his usual one sided beatdowns. The Lady X actress is great at acting and fighting. Highly recommended 🙂

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