Ultra-Violence – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Solaris meets possibly the most cruel and sadistic villain she will ever face. A man who has obsessed about defeating her, and will now carry out that defeat with sharp precision. Going all out to be a Goddess-conqueror, Acolyte decides that victory over her is one thing, but brutal conquest is what he’s truly been after. Will she find a way to break his dominance over her? Open your email to find out, if you are a Member.



  • Cool setup, Im always a fan where the villain has a trap specifically for that heroine. Loved the dialogue between the two characters as well. Great job!

  • …I see….CHAINS!
    Ah, our hapless heroine is once again bound to a chair. Whatever will she do?! =)
    Another stellar production from our glorious host.
    Will be buying this shortly. Thanks again, NGC.

    p.s. Nice shot of Solaris throwing one of her fireballs. The graphics available to you these days is really unbelievable compared to was used back in the time when this site started.

  • I’ve noticed the cross-eyed face in a head vice is her signature! I hope we see some eye-rolling reactions soon too. Solaris is my #1 now.

  • I’m starting to think that Solaris is really a goddess disguised as a NGC actress 🙂 I like how Solaris gets into a boxer type stance when she fights. The chains are great too. My only picky comment is that I think the purple glow was overdone at the end. I’m not a fan of colour filters for long stretches of time. For me, it could have been used less so that we could see Solaris struggle in normal lighting. Other than this, another great Solaris vid ! 🙂

    • You should have seen the first draft of the edit. It’s always difficult to get effects just right. I used to be a real stickler for the perfect look, which is why there were hardly any special effects in the first 10 years of NGC. I’ve relaxed a bit, partly because they’ve got better, and also… what would this actually look like if it were real? I’ve no idea.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Not much to say other than I liked the video. Solaris expressions all throughout are amazing making her one excellent superheroine in peril. As I’ve said dozens of times by now and I’m going to keep saying it: this actress knows what’s asked of her in this genre and I’ll be eternally grateful for her performances. She gets it. She knows how to be a powerful superheroine and perhaps more importantly. She knows how to sell peril. Yes her vocal work could do with some improvement but I’m fairly certain this video is from her debut shoot, shot at the same time as that of “Sun Cop” (if the setting is anything to go by). There’s time yet for her to improve in that regard. Regardless though, the sun actress does it again with another good performance and I’ll definitely be re-watching this from time to time.

    Also, I would like to add that the photoset is also pretty amazing. One interesting little trick that Solaris somehow manages to pull off in those photos is that at times, during the fight sequences, Solaris would look at the camera. However, it’s done in this really subtle way and when she’s in peril, it’s like she’s pleading with the viewer to look away and not watch her get humiliated. A look of “she can’t believe this is happening to her”. It’s quite wonderful to be honest and what I think makes it work is that it’s not overdone at all. It’s only there in a couple of pictures at key moments but it really enhances the peril in those photos.

  • Another tremendous outing for our lovely Solaris. Like Lady X, whenever I see a Solaris video coming up, I know I’m in for a good show, and this video is no exception. The fight choreography, the verbal banter, the transformation from brave powerful heroine to helpless damsel, it just all works well. Most importantly, and perhaps the most critical component of all, the actress portraying Solaris simply has that “it” factor, using facial expressions in a manner that is nothing short of an art form. And when she collapses unconscious, as she does several times in this video, she is simply a sight to behold— the complete relaxing of her body to fall limply on the ground is simply top notch. Another tremendous Solaris video! Kudos to all involved!

  • You’ve got a talent here that knows how to do KOs very well – her facial expressions with limp face and open mouth are best in class amongst your roster right now

  • Another sensational performance from Solaris, in her much anticipated battle with Acolyte (two of my favourite 2023 additions to the NGC roster duking it out), and it very much lives up to it’s title.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Another fine entry from Solaris, who’s established herself as a wonderful performer with some tremendous core talents. I feel like more care was taken with the dialogue here than in earlier videos, and she acquits herself very well with some great lines. In fact, I wish she’d gotten a little more dialogue to vocalize her fate more explicitly. When she tells Acolyte “you’ve made your point” I wish she’d articulated what that point was, even if Acolyte had to force her to admit it.
    Speaking of Acolyte, his reputation for cruelty is well-earned. As before, he delights in inflicting harm for its own sake. Also as before, a heroine is baited by a lead on a fake crime. It seems like the villains spend more time imagining crimes than committing them, unless you count sadistically crushing heroines, in which case we’ve witnessed an unprecedented crime spree.
    Lovely photoset too.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, she did a really nice job. Also, yes, they make up a lot of crimes in order to lure heroines to uncover bigger ones. I grew up on the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, this was used A LOT in those!

  • I love the hand poses/gestures she uses when launching her powers, reminds me a bit of videogame ninjas concentrating energy for some spell/tehcnique!

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