Ultra-Violence – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… Acolyte lures Solaris into a trap with a ruse about a heinous crime. Once she has uncovered his scheme, she is more than confident about putting him down. After all, he is mortal, wicked… but mortal, while she is a Goddess. But Acolyte has meticulously planned her downfall, learning all about her powers, he has found a weakness that he will exploit ruthlessly!


  • Picture five is a good example of the eyes clenched, teeth clenched expression that I was referencing in yesterday’s teaser post. Pictures seven and nine are good examples of the slack jawed, knocked out heroine rendered helpless pose. This actress does indeed have a good understanding of the comic book peril expressions that are best for this kind of video. You could use a collection of her still shots to illustrate a how-to book on heroine acting. Great job, Solaris actress, whoever you are.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      You know, at the risk of starting a whole debate about which actress is good and which isn’t, I’m really agreeing with you on this one. Solaris has those expressions down pat. It’s a masterclass understanding of what’s desired in this genre that comes natural to her for some reason. And like you mention, she does “being knocked out and laid out on the floor” extremely well. You’d think anyone can lay down on a floor but it’s honestly quite shocking how much that alone tends to get messed up by actresses. And I’m not throwing any shade at any particular actress or calling them out. I’m just stating Solaris is amazing at what she does.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        You won’t get any debate from me. I have some strongly-held and occasionally heterodox opinions about the relative strengths of actresses, but I agree about Solaris here. Whatever her other merits and demerits as an actress, she’s terrific at certain aspects of performing for this genre, certain “looks”, that some of us value a lot. She’s got something special, and remarkably it was evident in her first video. She seemed to “get it” naturally from the start.

  • Archie Cook says:

    Sometimes u do alternate ending ever thought jus doing alternate video I would probably get both myself

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