Ultra-Violence – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Solaris gets into a knock-down-drag-out battle of sheer brutality with Acolyte. It starts as she expected, but when he uses a light frequency that makes her weak, the tables turn.


    • No. Weakness Creation was very much standalone, otherwise she’d be completely hopeless from now on.

      • Shucks! I was hoping she’d have to endure that weakness for part of one more vid, before something happened to reverse the effects.

  • definiteely my fave now. those eye crosses are strong. i just wish these videos had more eye work and theyd all be instant buys cuz my gosh is she smoking hot.

  • I also like the eye cross, probably mainly because I think i haven’t seen it before. I’m not sure I want to see a lot of it. As evidence of the creativity of the Solaris actress with comic book peril expressions, I enjoyed it thoroughly. In my staple diet of such expressions, I think I still prefer more of the eyes clenched, teeth clenched expression. While I’m on the topic of facial expressions, I should also mention the smug “I’ve got you now” expression at the end; she does that really well, that smug little smile. Finally, on the topic of eye expressions, there is that slight narrowing of the eyes at the beginning, when she’s doing the big “we meet at last” line. To borrrow a phrase from Zordon, smoking hot.

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