Hello all, I thought it was probably a bit too soon to do another ‘ask me anything’ (likely another of those in the summer), but I did want to provide some updates for those who are interested. I want to firstly thank all the regular commentators, and the irregular ones too for keeping the site alive between releases. The vast, vast, majority of the comments are very positive, and beyond that it is mostly valid questions that I either can or can’t answer. I apologise for not replying to comments as often as I would like, sometimes if they aren’t asking for a reply they stand perfectly well on their own! I do read everything. The spam filter on the website is very good, practically nothing unwanted gets through, and it is very rare a legitimate comment is thrown in spam. Sadly, if it is there’s a good chance I’ll miss it as we get about 100 spam messages a day, but it is filtering very well.

I’ve always thought that from the customer stand-point, particularly those who are really interested in the goings-on of a production like NGC, and I suppose others in this genre, it can feel very secretive. I want to assure you that I’m aware of this, and if I evade a question it is most likely because it isn’t my business to publish the personal lives of people who work for us. Obviously the most regular general question is: ‘When is (NAME) returning?’ or words to that effect. Those are almost always the hardest questions to answer. Sometimes I don’t know, sometimes I do know but can’t get into the reasons why… sometimes they never left and had a video out 2 weeks ago!

However, all of this is very relevant to us right now as we’ve started filming in 2024. When I opened up customs to Members in January, I was mistaken in my understanding of the availability of certain people. This has meant that I haven’t been able to agree to many customs at all, and I know this is disappointing as we don’t do many anyway. A combination of people not updating me on their unavailability, injuries (which weren’t caused by us), has left us very short in the lead heroine department. This has been compounded by only recruiting 2 new people last year.

This all means that there are going to be a lot of changes for the remainder of this year. As some of you know, I like to trial people on Action Cosplay first, just to see if they can do the work, enjoy the work, we enjoy working with them. I then put a video out and the final test is how well it does. I am thankfully smart enough to know that the costume they appear in, the situation in the video, are also important factors in its success or failure, and make allowances. If all is well, they get promoted to an NGC role, which includes writing a character for them, designing and making a costume, which is quite an investment in time and money. I don’t like to give someone an NGC heroine role, and they appear in 2 videos. It really sucks.

We need to recruit 6 new heroines this year. That means a bit more Action Cosplay than perhaps you are used to, but for some of them I don’t actually have time to wait to trial them with the audience. For example, if I shoot a debut Action Cosplay with an actress in March, I won’t have a gap in the schedule until June to release it, let’s say it goes well, I then work on character and costume for NGC, at best I’m shooting with them again in August, and you don’t see them in their debut NGC role until October, where I hope it goes well again. This is too long for the situation we are in, so I need to gamble based on their March shoot whether or not I think you’ll like them: March shoot, NGC costume ready in May, first NGC release in July.

I’m not really asking you to ‘give new girls a chance’ – That is bullshit. People buy videos that look good and are well prepared and made. I’m just giving you a heads-up about what is coming, new faces, new characters, and inevitably the loss of old one’s. I have to gamble that you will like what we end up making, and if you don’t it is because we cast the wrong person, or made a bad character choice, or a dull-looking video. Evidently, some characters are more popular than others no matter what. But after a lot of years doing this, while I make every effort to find the most popular people I can, I also want to work with people who want to be there, won’t leave without a word, and enjoy their part in this project.

This leads me to the main story briefly… It is much harder to keep people around than it was 10-15 years ago. Much harder. There is a tendency in the younger generation to simply ghost their way out of an issue, which in the long run is going to serve their career like a shit sandwich, but they don’t know that yet, and live in the short-term only. For the story this creates plot-holes. One month a character is vital to a thread of the story, the next they’ve vanished and get mentioned at the start of another video and someone takes over their job in the story. This is very unsatisfying for me as a writer and producer of this stuff. However, there is nothing I can do about it. I will persevere with the story on the current basis and hope that we can keep it coherent, and that you can at least enjoy what we’re trying to do, even if we don’t always get it right.

Customs: I will likely re-open these once I’ve got new actresses somewhat embedded. Customs are Members only now (if you can’t be bothered to sign up to our free membership with all its benefits, then you probably don’t know anything about the style of the project and working together won’t be good, for me primarily), and frankly you’ll need a good buying record as well, which is kind of an extension of the same reason. Anyway, I’m hoping that by the time we’re shooting in Autumn I’ll have some more variety for people to choose from.

New ideas: I can’t bring myself to put different actresses in existing roles, like Bluebird returning, but its a different actress etc… I don’t want to do it from a creative standpoint. Then from a merely commercial one it will send the site a bit haywire in my view to have multiple actresses in single roles. Whose picture goes on the character page? It complicates things too much. I am however, a bit more open to costume swap stuff, or trying an existing actress out in a different role, perhaps something that worked well in a photo shoot, just so a video exists. As you know, we often get requests along these lines… so, maybe.

We will be making a lot of costumes this year to accommodate new people, but once we’re over that hump I think I’m going to keep making costumes that look cool even if there’s nobody to wear them, so we can have variety in photo-sets, and possibly for alternate universe videos, a bit like how the Fail-Safe Sisters was originally. Doing this should mitigate against actress turnover, which is sadly inevitable, and much quicker than it used to be.

Anyway, that’s a lot of information, but hopefully it is interesting to you and explains what is going to be happening here for the rest of the year.



  • I agree with you and you have done a very good job. Just a warm request. Bring celestia back. She is the one we miss the most.
    Maybe in another role tutoring or mentoring new heroes.
    Something like training. It’s nice to see a transition from the old generation to the new.
    You had also started some video samples that showed the story of a heroine. You had done it successfully with both Celestia and Athena. You can do it for the rest of the old ones. Like you’re a tribute.

    • She’s not coming back. She did 10 years on and off and is no longer acting. We made about 50 videos with her, I think we made the most of her availability. I don’t know if we’ll do another sampler. The editor who compiled them is not often available these days.

  • Sorry to hear about losing veteran actresses. I’m worried about the Capt Liberty actress myself 🙁 . You did such a great job enduring through the pandemic. I’m sure you’re new recruiting class will be fantastic.

    • At the moment she’s still with us! Which is great. Coming up to 4 years with her. Yes, the pandemic was possibly the stupidest thing in human history, as we’re all slowly (or quickly) finding out.

  • While I love all the actresses, and would be sad to see any of them go, for me it’s more the way you make your videos, and the aspects of the genre you focus on, that made me fall in love with NGC. The style. The focus on awesome combat. A bit of bondage for extra spice. The variety, with the occasional bit of humour thrown in.
    That’s all why I keep coming here, week after week, and spending my money.
    You could have an entirely new cast, but as long as you keep doing what you do best, I’ll still be here.
    Heck, there’s only Wonderstrike still here from when I became a member (the first Captain Liberty teaser photo was posted about a week after I joined), so that proves my point.

    I’m always genuinely excited to watch a new heroine debut. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we see more of Maria, because she was awesome. And I’m looking forward to seeing the new Silver Bullet in action.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Wow. Six new actress/heroines to recruit seems like a lot. Back in the early teens, I rememeber when six actresses were all that were starring in NGC videos so this sounds like something close to a total reboot of the heroine list. Which is wild because that’s what we have right now (minus Wonderstrike).

    And it’s a shame too because I was just about to pull the trigger on wanting another custom as I waited for some financial things to settle out earlier in the year.

    • We haven’t had as few as that for well over a decade, back when we were releasing a video every couple of months. I can’t have that few on a weekly release schedule. To give context, we generally need 10-12 NGC heroines available to film at any given point in the year, at the moment due to losses and injury we have about 6. If you wanted a custom there’s a fair chance we’d still have the person you wanted available. Customs aren’t open at the moment though.

  • Are there going to be hypno scene or mind control on salaria and maria and galaxia!!
    Are there going to be a scene where the villain knockouts the heroine and kisses her

  • Like Guido mentioned I am a fan of the site as a whole. I’m impressed with the roster as it is and as it has been in the past. I have my favourites and although you are sad to see them go, I have seen enough to know the new recruits will be up to the task. The peril,kos,combat and restraints are top notch and I am huge fan of the humour and slight campy feel in some of the releases. Although I am in an entirely different industry I know how much of pain staff turnover and recruitment can be.

    What sets this site apart too is the quality of villains. Its almost as important as the heroines but the antagonists here are superb as well. From the current group Sin/Chaotica, Reggie, Snare and Killscape are all top notch and Malicia in her prime was possibly the best ever in my opinion.

    I am looking forward to see what happens with the new hires and what characters and costumes you come up with for them. From what I have seen so far the new Supremacy was brilliant and hopefully she is coming back. Also hope from a personal point of view to see some more of Galaxia and Shining Spirit as they along with Solaris and Lady X are my current favs.

    • The plan as it stands is for her to come back, but until it is shot I hate to promise. I hope to give you more of your existing faves. I should say for the sake of transparency I can talk about that Galaxia has a significant injury. It was troubling her when she worked with us in the autumn but is worse now. I hope she can come back, we liked her.

    • I absolutely agree with the villain part. Every NGC character has very unique personalities and quirks. There’s never a stock character!!!

      On the other hand, what’s your industry?

  • Thanks for the update.Good luck with finding the new talent. Sorry to post another “will ABC be back,” but is there any chance of Lady Victory returning? I know she’s not local, but maybe some day? Thanks.

    • Thanks. I’m afraid not. We last saw her 5 years ago. She moved to the States and came back on trips twice to film with us. I’d say half of all her vids were probably made after she had moved.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    As always, I appreciate your willingness to share what’s going on behind the scenes and the factors that affect what we see. Sorry to hear about the difficulties with cast. Speaking only for myself of course, I hate to see certain performers go (others less so, not important who) but since the new cast have been so uniformly good for the last several years, the departure of favorite performers just makes room for new favorites. Regardless, I hope the new casting campaign goes well.
    I’m one of those visitors who’ve been here from the beginning and have followed the story all the way, and I tend to leave comments on story videos, sometimes with speculation on what’s happened or tying new revelations in with older threads. For example, I recently left a comment on the blog listing a bunch of characters and situations in the story, wondering what might happen next with them. I want to be clear that I’m not asking for loose ends to be tied up in these comments or needing to know what happened with so-and-so. I do like thinking about possibilities, especially ones that sound fun, but whatever happens happens. I actually think it’s terrific that there are so many ways the story could go. I’m sure loose ends in the story are a lot more frustrating for you than me.
    I love the idea of “alternate universe videos” with performers wearing different costumes. All the non-canon series (Missions, VTV, Transform, etc.) already provide something like alternate universes with the same characters, but not tied to the continuity of the story, and those series produce a ton of great videos, so expanding on that sounds brilliant.
    Thanks again.

    • Welcome comment as usual. I’m aware that most of this is my own feeling about it. In simplest terms I want to get the best group of actresses in lead roles I can, coupled with the best costumes for them to wear, and to have fun. If we do, we can’t fail.

  • Appreciate the transparency, and the fact this can be a strain from both a business and creative standpoint. As someone who just can’t buy every video, I can say that the direction of late – making lots of side adventures, VTV, squash etc. has been a real win. I try to buy based on the characters and story elements, and enjoy that we still get to see the characters built out in fun and engaging ways – just maybe a little less linear, like through a season. Looking forward to what’s ahead and always happy to see the way you guys bring to life the mix of action, story and peril that no one else (main stream or online) does.

    • Thanks. Variety is the spice of life and that is true both in characters and in situations. I know people have to be more discerning now, due to the incompetent people who ‘govern’ us. True wherever you live it seems. I need to make appealing videos, but even if I convinced Sydney Sweeney or whoever people like nowadays to join NGC, by the 4th release on the bounce the sale numbers would slip, variety is a requirement. It might sound counterintuitive, but we cannot afford to do less than we are if we want to achieve what we want to achieve. My job is to make every video something you can’t do without. That’s the challenge. I know in theory how, but in practice it is hard.

        • Due to politicians being roundly useless at their jobs all around the world, people don’t have as much money to spend on things they enjoy anymore in general.

        • @33SP Basically cost of living has skyrocketed almost everywhere while wages have remained stagnant. You could afford a house and a car 20 years ago, just the car and rent 10 years ago and now most younger folk can´t dream of spending the amount of money I did when I was their age in NGC videos because they can barely afford rent.

  • Since in Test of Faith, Shining Spirit is now Dark Spirit in that universe, will we be seeing more of Shining Spirit as Dark Spirit? Or was that a one time thing? Or will we get a Saving Shining Spirit, for her to become good to regain her hope and soul?

  • The work you do is very good, and that takes a lot of effort and dedication, so don’t feel frustrated by all the challenges you face. I know it’s impossible to please us all, but I would like you to make more alternative endings where the heroine dies.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We don’t do those too often because it takes away the impact when we do, but I’m sure we’ll do more. We did one recently as the main ending…!

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          “Touching Darkness” – devastating. The actress is apparently still working with NGC for the time being, but not having her in the main story is a serious change, she had an interesting backstory with unique ties to the history of Elite Force.

          • Think it leaves Wonderstrike as the only active Elite Force heroine in the main storyline if Captain Liberty is dead. The others are all Guardians although mayne not so much for Lady X

  • Having been a member of the site for years and a customer pretty much since its inception, the only thing I can add to all of the comments already posted is that this site is, and has always been, synonymous with quality. The characters, the acting, the fight choreography, the lighting and direction, the scripts and storylines, ALL have been of the utmost quality. I’ve loved many characters over the years and have been sad to see some great talent leave, but that is life, and I’ve been amazed at how this site has always been able to handle the adversity with skill, resulting in new generations of heroines and villains/villainesses being introduced and quickly making their mark on the NGC universe. There really is no other site that comes anywhere close to delivering the quality and quantity of heroine videos that NGC does. Everyone involved in this site, from the actors and actresses to the directors, camerapersons, set designers, writers, and fight choreographers should feel very proud of the work they have done, for they have truly created something very special.

  • Great work! I will carry on checking very regularly and buying pretty regularly.
    Looking forward to the 6 new actresses! Keep up the amazing work!

  • As long as Galaxia, Shining Spirit, Wonderstrike and Majesty are available and willing to return for more videos, all is well as far i am concerned.

      • Carlos Saraiva says:

        Oh Dear! Heartbreak announced! Care to elaborate on whose of the lovelies we might not seen again, please? *sadface*

        • If you’ve read any of the replies in this thread, you’ll have seen that Majesty has left, Galaxia has an injury, and a hint that maybe “the chances aren’t good” for Shining Spirit

          • Would be a shame if Shining Spirit is indeed gone but I am sure the new heroines will fill out the roster nicely.

          • Now i am really depressed!! All of them were among my top favorites together with Wonderstrike. Seriously, i am really sad. Thanks for the info anyways.

  • i hope you make another Miracle Chick video in the future. She’s my favorite character in Action Cosplay next to Marvelette

  • I love all the chloroform scenes pretty much. I always enjoy how you put smoothly and creatively in your plot. Please note that your works had influenced so much across the globe, like I started drawing my chloroform arts because of your creatives.

    Also, if you are welcome to some introductions for actress, I would like to know the criteria and where to apply.

    Thank you!

    • Well I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed it so much. I’m afraid we have to cast through proper channels really. I don’t know where you’re based but you probably need to live in London also.

  • If NGC stopped existing, I would probably go into withdrawal 🙂 I think one of your biggest strengths is that you keep adapting and evolving. Some producers stay stuck in a rut and ignore feedback/suggestions from their fans. You’re one of the few producers that likes to reach out to the fans. Since there is a shortage of superheroines, has NGC ever thought of doing a villains only vid such as say Sin against Dr Progress ? For me, NGC is the best superheroine perils producer out there right now so thanks and keep up the great work ! 🙂

    • I’m sure we could make a really good video of that, and some people would buy it, but it would struggle to make its money back on the basis of it simply being villain v villain. The majority of buyers want a superheroine in the video. Even more than that they want a good vs evil clash, a story, even if it is a standalone video that conveys it. When we do heroine v heroine they don’t do as well as heroine v villain. I regularly make stuff that I know won’t do all that well in order to push forward a story or just because I liked the idea, but villain v villain wouldn’t be worth the effort.

      • I think as long as the villain is “sexy” enough or falls into certain mold, our instincts wouldn´t care is it was good vs evil.

        Malicia is a perfect example of that (much like Catwoman in the Batman series, even though she usually turns to be a anti-hero or heroine later). I would easily pay to see her betrayed by some henchmen or the Iron Drone going haywire and turning against her. In my case I like one sided beatdowns with some back and forth, so something like the Dominator vs Sister Fate or the KO Queen wouldn´t work because they are all physically imposing, but if you added Pandora Gold or Malicia to the mix, maybe even in a clash of villains for territory or something valuable it could work.

        But i agree the risk/benefit may not be worth it for you 99% of the time for a video with no heroines

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          Personally, I love those kinds of mix-ups (villains at cross-purposes or heroines fighting each other), but sales figures don’t lie. There have been some clever episodes that have found ways to create those kinds of match-ups while still preserving a good-v-evil conflict. “Saints & Sinners” is a prime example, where we got a Sin v Snare tussle for a stretch, but they eventually joined forces against Shining Spirit. “Village Capture” as well, with Patriot-Girl as the good girl (well, she seemed ok at the time!) I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sin is in both of those; she’s terrific for that kind of thing. Malicia as well (see “Malicia’s Revenge” for another example) and I think Pandora Gold would be great also.
          “Test Subjects” with Wonderstrike and Princess or “Suggested Leader” with WS and Majesty both pitted Elite Force girls against each other, but in each case there was a puppet master pulling the strings. I don’t know if those scenarios tend to do better than straight heroine v heroine or not.

  • I love the fact that you are more open to costume swap videos. Alias was fantastic in that regard because I got to see some all time favorite costumes of mine taken out for a spin again (even if her best video IMO didn´t feature costumes I liked much, but that´s honestly lottery)

    I think you and the costume people you employ deserve a TON of credit for some of the costumes you have made. I would even call some of them ICONIC, specially in this niche genre where I feel 90% of videos are about the holy trinity of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl being straight up cosplays/copies of them. So even your own variations of those costumes were appreciated (like Miss Freedom costumes) but I also think you have created some amazing original designs over the years that much like comic book heros, deserve to be around for a long time and not just the tenure of a particular actor/actress in a role. So even if a there are no story reasons for a new character showing up wearing an old costume I wouldn´t mind it at all, like Dreamweaver did, but I also respect your creative vision and not being a fan of recasting characters.

    With all that said I really appreciate the new influx of “new gen” costumes both in Action Cosplay and specially photoshoots (I now some of those costumes are just not fit for video filming since they would get ripped apart quickly most likely). Seeing things like Power Girl and Samus from Metroid were fantastic, but you knocked out of the park with Galaxia´s Kitana costume recently. And people seemed to love the Starfire costume in a recent photoset as well.

    If we are getting more Action Cosplay I hope to see more of that kind of costumes. I´m really thinking it can grab a new audience as well as be enjoyed by many here who already know the characters or even those who don´t, since if the costumes are interesting and the model pretty I don´t think people can complain much ^^

    With that said I wanted to ask if we could contribute with costumes for the photosets. Like buy you one and hope it gets featured one day. Would at least avoid you having to paid for it and it could enlarge the pool of available options. Specially for lesser known heroines or videogame characters I think it reduces the risk a bit and hopefully if it´s a hit we would feel really proud about it 🙂

    Thanks for all you do, I may buy less than I did in the past but I still enjoy checking the site and supporting characters or costumes I really like!

  • Jobson+Silva says:

    Firstly , thank you all for your wonderfull work, NGC is the best in the business (acting and action wise). Secondly , as the (apparently) ONLY fan of Lightstalker in here , I would like to ask (again) if there’s any chance of her to come back . I’m aware of the fact that since almost nobody here talks about her I assume she’s not very popular and that translates in sales , which is crucial…Anyway , thanks in advance for the response.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        No, certainly not alone. It’s been nearly a year since Lightstalker’s last video, I think, but several photosets have been released in the interim and each one has rekindled my desperate hope that we’ll see her on video again. Seems unlikely, though.

        • Jobson+Silva says:

          Yeah , I think unfortunatelly she’s not coming back… I wish I could follow her in her new projects , though…

    • Went on a year long tour, I think she didn’t come back. Actors can get theatre or show tours, particularly good movers, and then they’re just unavailable.

  • Sorry to read about your casting woes, NGC.
    Hopefully things will come around soon enough.
    Now I’m curious about the new actresses coming aboard, but I’m also hoping Patriot Girl, Lady X, Ubiquity and Bella are still around.

  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    Hello, I really like the important explanations of the update, which was complete, because it really showed how focused and precise your goals are for progress. Also, this website has a good background, you have the potential to reach even the best. I have a question and a suggestion. *I’m curious, do you have any other sequels or episodes in the works or in development for VILLAGE CAPTURE?* Because this title has the potential of second and maybe even third sequels. I hope you give me the answer. My suggestion is that I hope, as I said in the same title, that the stories of combined cooperation to achieve a success or reach a common goal will be confirmed more like Unholy Alliance or SAINTS & SINNERS. That is, if handicap match productions are interesting and good in the form of cooperation between two competitors or enemies to win against a common enemy.

  • Since Majesty and Princess are gone, will there be a new heroine to wear a Union Jack costume ? The Majesty and Princess costumes are great !

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