OUT NOW at http://painleague.com – Molly takes on Kara Steel who would appear to be very close to the edge. She expects an easier match than when she fought Champion Roxy Gold, but it turns out to be downright dangerous as Kara snaps and loses total control, attacking anyone standing in her way, especially Molly! Visit http://painleague.com for all the action NOW!


  • Another very fine entry in the UPL series. The fight has a few highlights, particularly Molly’s desperate struggling and slow fade into unconsciousness before her pin and the surprising viciousness of the “encore”, but a lot of my favorite parts are the behind the scenes action. The intrigues with Electra and Leanne (love to see more of her) are interesting, and I love the segments with Polly Lovelyface (Bond movie name), who’s got the “shivved with a smile” delivery down pat. In fact my favorite moment might be the “unexpected feedback” she gets from Kara (and the reaction shot from Miranda).

  • The growling voice-overs during the fight are very amusing. I think my favorite from this video is “carve her flesh into equally sized cubes”.

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