UPL Release!

Just a head’s-up for those who like FvF fighting, we have a corker of a release out just now at http://painleague.com – Check out the trailer.


  • I absolutely agree, Jennifer is absolutely outstanding. Jennifer was the reason I bought this fight. I like her outfit very much and she sells the pain perfectly. I hope we’ll see much more fights with her.

  • Loved this one as well. They were both fantastic, but Jennifer was really special. I like the backstage drama as well.

  • Hopefully not the final one. Finally got a chance to buy this and yeah, the actress who played Jennifer was pretty much a 10/10 in selling. Not that Kara was bad, but she was pretty much just dishing it out 95% of the match.

    Obviously, times are brutal right now with the virus, but once things get back in full swing I am hoping we see more from this Jennifer actress. Both in UPL and perhaps as a new character in NGC?

    Also, side note: I find the UPL theme song to be somewhat catchy, lol.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      Very kind, glad you like the theme tune as well! I’m not sure at this point when she or others might be back with us, but hopefully we can work together again.

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