Violent Proposal – 266 Photo Set

Members are obviously wonderful people, why? Because they seize their opportunities in life, they know what value is, and are basically awesome. They are so clever in fact, that they know they’ve got another GIGANTIC photo set headed their way in TOMORROW’s email. 266 Photos to accompany the main release of ‘Violent Proposal’. If you aren’t a Member, you’ve got to sign up before tomorrow if you want this set. A lot of people have commented on the blog recently that they joined late and missed out on a photo set. While I am sympathetic if you have just found us, I’ve also got to uphold the deal I made with Members. If you miss a photo set by not being a Member, or not opening your Member email, then it will actually be YEARS before you get the chance again. This is no exaggeration. We have 100’s of photo sets, and at present are only re-releasing 1 every 2 weeks, which is slower than we produce them AND if I get hit by a bus beforehand, they’ll never get released! Sign up today and open the emails when they come. You won’t regret it!



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