Violent Proposal – Final Previews

OUT already for Members, Sunday for everyone else here on this website… Wonderstrike is thrown headlong into an extremely dangerous situation by the Crown Prince, as he forces her to face 3 of the most powerful villains Elite Force has ever encountered. BUT perhaps one of them has a way out of this damnation? Whatever happens, Wonderstrike is in for a miserable ride!


  • I can’t help but notice the sequin coming off at the bottom tail of the star. I hope the end of this costume isn’t coming anytime soon

  • Great video 😀
    A fun twist in this one, and I laughed when I realized the full meaning of the title 😆
    A nice variety of action, and a terrific performance from Wonderstrike, as always.
    And a wonderful (and huge) accompanying photo-set, not to be missed

  • Wonderstrike looks great and her acting in this one is good too. The gas and chloro knockouts are great. The ending was fun too. There’s also some chloro scenes in the pic set. Overall it was great ! Thanks ! 🙂

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