Visitor – Part 1: Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Celestia has a choice, help Pandora’s Equilibrium, or pay the price, while simultaneously forgetting the extreme anger you hold towards the Anvil who looks set to gain handsomely from the deal. If Celestia won’t comply, all Elite Force team-mates will be in peril. Time to bend the knee?


  • Great video! The Celestia actress always delivers an amazing performance, and she does so once again. Great action (loved the stretching part)
    Awesome to see Pandora Gold back again. Her last appearance was before my time here, but I’ve caught up on most of her videos.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  • Dratz ! Another 2 parter ! The quote ‘No good deeds go unpunished’ fits this one as Celestia tries to do the right thing but gets beat up by 3 villains 🙂

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