Voodoo Vendetta – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Wonderstrike is in deep and devilish trouble as the Masked Man goes really dark to defeat her. She cannot afford to lose lest she become part of a perverse heroine slave trade. Using the dark powers of voodoo, the Masked Man hampers her attempts to fight him with full body control she cannot resist! Open your emails to find out more!


  • Holy Moley!
    I don’t say this lightly, but this one has already overtaken such classics “Dark Mercenary”, “Villains Accomplice” and “Redstone Gang” to become my favourite Wonderstrike video yet. Her performance is spellbinding (a fitting description, given the subject matter, I’m sure you’ll agree 😉 )
    Of course, the restrains and the chloro mask were the icing on the cake, and they were indeed delicious. But the whole voodoo doll thing was brilliant. It was different, totally fitted the creepy nature of the Masked Man, and, most importantly, was fantastically sold by the actress. I totally bought that her movements were out of her control.
    The best was the big ending, with the pins in the doll. Yeouch! Wonderstrike’s reactions were played so perfectly that I winced a few time in there. Great stuff!

    Perhaps my favourite thing were the references to Red Glory. Wonderstrike’s anger on learning her fate, and the vengeful attack she went on, were a real stand-out for her performance. And also a nice treat for those of us who loved Red Glory and Wondersrike’s amazing duo from back in the day.

    Amazing photo-set too, highlighting more voodoo doll fun, as well as plenty wonderful posed shots.

  • Wonderstrike always delivers, this time more than usual. She’s made a ton of terrific videos, but this is my favorite in some time. Part of the credit goes to the Masked Man, who’s still an interesting presence after all this time (hard to believe this is their first real encounter). He dabbles in a bit of sympathetic magic here with a very effective voodoo doll. The MM has become like the Doctor Doom of NGC: tricky schemes, ominous mask, an air of mystery, and combining science and sorcery for his wicked ends.
    Wonderstrike is always scrappy and isn’t going to be abducted without a fight, but much like “Imitation Girl” every time the heroine gets the upper hand, the MM uses his arcane totem to regain control. As dangerous a fighter as he can be, the Masked Man’s plots attack heroines psychologically as well as physically. He references trafficking Red Glory to goad Wonderstrike into careless rage and subjects her to repeated knockouts in order to wear her down.
    Thankfully, the voodoo doll isn’t the only fetish object in this video, because the Masked Man also subjects Wonderstrike to the dreaded white cloth (which is like a magic item, since nobody is ever seen applying anesthetic). She also performs the bearhug-knockout that used to be Miss Freedom’s forte excellently. Her final collapse (in the lose ending; there are two) is possibly my favorite, because she seems so thoroughly defeated even before she falls.
    I hope we get to see Wonderstrike again in the main story before long, because I’m dying to find out what happens to her after she was captured by Felina back in “Futility”.

    • Yes, I agree about seeing Wonderstrike in the ongoing story again. That was quite some cliffhanger we’ve been hanging on

  • I don’t have too much more to add from what’s already been said. Using voodoo is a real outside-of-the-box idea that was executed perfectly. And bringing up the past (Red Glory in this instance) and tapping into the long history of this site really goes a long way into making the characters feel more real (also used rather well in Prisoner with bringing up the original Captain Liberty). Needless to say, I loved this release, and I think it’s easily one of the top Wonderstrike videos I’ve seen (and I’ve seen…most of them!)

  • The only thing maybe missing from this one is some creepy voodoo music whenever the voodoo doll was being used. Otherwise a great vid ! The chloro mask + restraints and the restraints scenes were gold. The acting by Wonderstrike and the Masked Man was great. I liked Wonderstrike’s shoulder-tackle at about the 14:40 mark. Overall a great vid and a great addition to the Wonderstrike catalog of vids ! 🙂

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