VTV: Carmen Black in The Danger Room – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… VTV returns with another delight as Carmen Black is trapped in the Danger Room! Killscape has all his toys ready to hit her with, and a Drone to take the fight out of her. Soon everyone will witness his power over the Fail-Safe Sisters!


  • Looks wonderful!
    I can’t help but notice that it says “…everyone will witness his power over the Fail-Safe Sisters!” That’s “Sisters”, plural, not “Sister” as in Carmen Black. So, is that just a turn of phrase, or is it a hint that we may see more FSSs in the future? Perhaps the return of Lady Victory, or another successor like Carmen? Will there be a new Shadowstar or Dynamite Doll? Will the Unity/Lockdown conflict reignite on Earth? No, I’m not desperately reading way too much into a single letter, why do you ask?

    • I think you might be. The last of the original FSS we worked with was Lady Victory in 2019 before the pandemic. Perhaps if that never happened she might have called me since if she was in London, but she doesn’t live here anymore. I’ve not seen or shot with Shadowstar or Dynamite Doll since about 2014, Lucy… maybe 2017? There are no plans. UNLESS… One of you knows a billionaire who loves our stuff and wants to make me an offer to take to them. I’m sure I could get anyone back for under a million.

      • Even I’m not deluded enough to think that the original FSS would be returning. I was thinking that much like Carmen Black the Third gave way to the Fourth, tournaments or some process could produce new heroines bearing the names, powers, and costumes of the previous sisters. Regardless, it’s just an idle thought. I’m happy that the ex-Mayor still has one FSS to persecute.

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