VTV: Carmen Black in The Danger Room – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website, ‘Carmen Black in The Danger Room’ is Ex-Mayor Killscape’s dream come true. Carmen Black at his mercy for all VTV subscribers to enjoy. None more so than Killscape himself!


  • Fantastic! I’m glad to see the return of the Danger Room concept, but also pleased that the concept can expand a bit to allow performers to interact now that pandemic conditions have eased. I’m also thrilled that we’re seeing Killscape return to his true calling of tormenting Fail-Safe Sisters.

    • Yes, however well he’s doing on Earth, he yearns for the times he would mangle a Fail-Safe Sister.

      I’m going to reserve judgment on the easing of the pandemic, the witless imbeciles are ramping up the restrictions again! Luckily this is not a big filming period for us, but if a stupid choice can be made, they will make it.

    • I was getting very few comments on my posts and tiny amounts of traffic from them. That wasn’t always the case, but in the last couple of years it changed, and there was no longer any point when I now have a much bigger social media presence of my own, and a community of posters on this site that I regularly respond to.

  • Since you first teased this new Carmen Black, I thought it was kind of bittersweet. One of the hottest NGC girls ever, but looked like she would be a new villain. Not that I didn’t enjoy her torturing Captain Liberty when they both premiered (in the battle of the midriffs), I just thought she would never be on the receiving end of peril that NGC does so well.

    This video looks like it will combine two of the best pieces of content since the pandemic started, the new Carmen Black and the Danger Room! A dream come true for more than just Killscape!

    • I also love seeing a female villain on the receiving end of the peril. All of Carmen blacks films have been great. I hope they do similar videos with Melicia next!

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