VTV: Danger Room Duo – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Killscape’s favourite subscribers… Sunday for everyone else on this website… Due to a mix-up in communications, this will be a ‘duo’ Danger Room, as Killscape makes the decision to involve Lady X in his machinations. Now she and Ubiquity face great perils, while also in competition. Knockouts a-plenty in this tale of heroic disaster!


  • Incredible!
    Both actresses give sensational performances. Everything right down to the little gestures and facial expressions they do make them a joy to watch.
    Either one of them would have given an amazing solo Danger Room performance, but having them both together really blows the roof off. And the Danger Room scenarios you did made great use of having two heroines. Particularly when Killscape is so obviously biased towards one of them. That makes for some great fun all the way through.
    The trivia quiz was funny, especially with Lady X getting the easy “what colour is Red Glory’s costume?” questions 😆
    The heroines fighting it out in the intense heat was hot, in more ways than one, and the dart game was pretty cool. And, of course, who can resist chains and chloroform?

    Anyone who’s a fan of seeing a couple of heroines lying unconscious on the floor will have a ball with this one, because as you can tell from all the previews pics, there’s a lot of that here.

    Another awesome video, and a gorgeous photo-set 🙂

  • Another hit for VTV! Killscape’s Guardian Angels program may be imploding, but his entertainment empire is a huge success. This video is a blast (literally so for the hapless heroines) and if you’re a knockout fiend like I am you’re in for a treat because (as post above says) there’s plenty. Ubiquity is really terrific at knockouts and passouts, which seems like a weird thing to be great at, but generally it’s the best actresses who excel at KOs I think, so it’s just good acting. I also love the earnestness of this character, which in this video manifests as constant exasperation. I’m hoping to see a lot of Ubiquity this year.
    Lady X is also among the most earnest of heroines, a tough spot to be in when you work for Killscape. Regardless, this is a dynamite pairing of characters and performers, who have both proven that they’re great partners and can carry a video solo as well. Check out the photoset as well, which offers an encore of the video’s strongest points.

  • I must say, Ubiquity continues to impress me more and more with each succeeding video.
    The team-up with Lady-X is genius. These two compliment each other so well and should team-up more often.
    Great video. Thanks for your efforts NGC.

  • Lots of good elements in this one: knockout by gas, heat, laser, poison darts, the trap floor where superheroines are stuck to the floor and can’t move,…The Ubiquity/Lady X chained and double chloro’d reminded me of another chained and double chloro scene from Labyrinth with Wonderstrike/Red Glory which was one of my favourite NGC scenes because it is so rare. Thanks for the great vid ! 🙂

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