VTV: Heroine Collecting – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for our wonderful Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Majesty and Wonderstrike are in all kinds of peril as Reggie wields his Redstone to make their lives a misery and VTV viewers a dream! Wonderstrike is placed in a hypnotically obedient role, and her master demands that she defeat Majesty! Can Majesty break the spell hanging over Wonderstrike? Can the two of them defeat Reggie? It’ll be VERY difficult!


  • This one’s an 11/10 for me. Not only does it have basically everything I could ask for, I think it’s a great example of what makes NGC so great. In universe continunity, production and acting. We get to see Majesty be clever and strong in her role. And Wonderstrike is *really* great as the hypnotized companion (we’ve never really seen her like this and she was great imo). Plus the costume and power swap to OG heroines! I could go on. Easily a new fave.

    Also if you fancy a couple of beautiful entranced heroines, good lord is the photo set a gift. (Like, damn.)

    Fingers crossed VTV greenlights Heroine Collecting for another episode in the future, lol.

  • Incredible! A great example of how much fun you can have with a VTV video 😀
    Amazing performances from all three. Wonderstrike and Majesty are at the top of their game. I loved Wonderstrike in her cheerfully obedient state. And Majesty played a great foil to that. Reggie was a lot of fun, and nice to see him back again.

    The action was awesome, with a lot of variety. Something in there to please everyone. And I loved how the power dynamics immediately changed when they switched to the Athena and Miss Freedom roles, so that it was more than just a costume swap for appearances sake. And they both looked wonderful in those costumes (and their own, obviously)
    It was especially nice to see the Athena costume again, and Majesty suited it so well, I hope you consider getting it out again for a future photo-set with her 🙂

    And, talking of photo-sets, the accompanying photo-set was excellent (and huge)

    All in all, a whole lot of fun 🙂

  • Dear lord, please let there be lots of facepunches. This two actress are some of the top best in felling being punched in the face. Please don’t let their talent be go to waste.

    • Carlos, I’m very tired of the constant posts about face punches, the video is available for Members now, if you aren’t a Member you can wait until Sunday for the release on here, but there are no more or less face punches than you would find in a normal fight.

      • I hear you, friend. I was praising the actresses talents, however, and by extention, the choreographies you guys create for your videos. If you were bad at it i wouldn’t be eager for more of the good stuff, if you know what i mean.

  • Great video. I think the Wonderstrike actress had a lot of fun playing the obedient happy superheroine. The scene where she pauses to look at the camera for a few seconds was funny. The acting from all 3 was great with a lot of twist and turns in the story. The gameshow scenery was great. The handcuffs and chloro was a nice bonus. Keep up the great videos ! 🙂

  • Every once in a while a video drops that’s so up my alley I feel like I must have commissioned it and forgotten, and this is one of those. So many sensational elements that I absolutely love, I can’t possibly identify everything. Of course, it’s wonderful reuniting the duo from “Suggested Leader” and they’re both magnificent. Wonderstrike’s slightly dazed but unnervingly sunny demeanor played well against Majesty’s flustered desperation.
    I like the way Majesty immediately started to manipulate Reggie by appealing to his vanity and warped sense of propriety and fairness. She’s a terrific actress. Wonderstrike was also exceptional, showing a different side than we’re used to from her. I loved her frisky winking smile to the audience. Also loved how the music switched to a classic NGC theme when the heroines changed costumes. The Athena and Miss Freedom looks suit the actresses incredibly well, although Wonderstrike’s arms and shoulders should always be bare, IMO. Any chance we could get Majesty’s costume changed to something in the style of Athena’s with the Union Jack colors?
    The door frames are terrific. Contrasted with the dark basement-like room they create a sense of unreality about the setting and reinforce the idea that the heroines are trapped in the villain’s creepy imagination. VTV has had some extraordinary videos recently (Danger Room, Village Capture, Prime Guardian) and I really hope we can see more of these series, especially this new one.
    On top of this, the photoset is breathtaking!

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