VTV: Heroine Collecting II – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members… Sunday on this website: Lady X and Patriot-Girl star in Reggie’s latest attempt to ‘collect’ superheroines. Lady X tries to resist, but her mind is soon overpowered by the Redstone’s mystic influence. Patriot-Girl is another matter however. Reggie decides to use the controlled Lady X against her, even empowering Lady X beyond her normal limits to get the job done. But will it be enough to bring them both under his spell?


  • That was a whole lot of fun! 😀
    There was so much to love here. Lady X running away, only to continually appear back through the door again. Lady X’s redstone influenced movements were sooo good. Patriot Girl’s delightful arrogance in full force, and why not? Since she’s very much an unstoppable powerhouse here. Patriot-Girl breaking the cuffs and chains. Lady X’s power upgrades. Double-knock-out. The redstone shrinking 😆 so much fun stuff.

    All three give amazing performances.
    I mentioned earlier in the week how great it is to see Lady X and Patriot-Girl in the same video, since they both debuted together in the “Alpha Designation” two-parter over on ActionCosplay. It’s amazing seeing them together again now that they’ve each got a lot of videos under their belts.

  • Echoing that yes, this is an incredibly fun episode! Everyone has lots to play with and Reggie makes for a great host. Patriot Girl is also so charasmatic in this one. That said, okay, I’m fully on the Lady X train now. It’s early in 2024 but hypnotized Lady X might take my number one NGC highlight for the year – her fight choreography and athleticism, especially with the power additions, are incredible. And she’s truly brilliant at the tranced out compliance. (Of course I am crossing my fingers we get more of that this year, lol.) Also, get the photoset.

    Taking a moment for a general nod to how excellent every NGC video I’ve bought has been lately. I remember there being a post maybe half a year ago about how the best stuff was coming, and the episodes truly have kept up with that notion. The actors, fight choreography and effects (electric Lady X here, Galaxia’s powers in last weeks release) are all top knotch and truly appreciated.

  • The 3 actor/actresses all do a great job. I really liked Lady X’s evil looks and facial expressions that she was giving after she was mind controlled. Was a bit surprised that this was filmed in 2022. Overall a great video !

    • Yes I’ve just checked that, I’m not sure what the editor was smoking when doing the ident screen. It was filmed September/October last year, but the ident dates are really dates of post production completion. For example, in January/February of a year, you’ll get the previous years date because that is when editing was completed, and then as you get further into a year, then current year idents become more frequent.

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