VTV: Heroine Collecting – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Heroine Collecting’ is VTV’s newest TV nightmare as your host, Reggie Redstone, uses his demonic rock in an effort to enslave and keep two of Elite Force’s finest: Wonderstrike & Majesty – Hypnosis, Chloroform, Handcuffs, and enforced costume changes abound as the 2 heroines try desperately to get out of this hell! Can they do it?


  • This looks like a whole lot of fun 😀

    Happy to the return of the actor playing Reggie Redstone. He has a habit of appearing in a lot of my favourite videos: Tomorrow’s Villainy Today, Redstone Gang, Power of the Powerless, and of course, still my favourite, Tough Justice II.
    He always gives a fun performance

    • I think this could be the same character as this actor played in Redstone Gang. Didn’t the other guys call him “Reg”?
      Regardless, this looks terrific.

  • I am looking forward to this Friday after viewing the trailer. Am particularly looking forward to the costume transformation. Both ladies look great and the fighting looks terrific!

  • chlorofan japan says:

    This chloroform by wonderstrike with her gloves hand is the best of all time. I had seen so many chloroform scene but this is it. This is the best. this is exactly just what I wanted for years. Thank you.

  • Christ, i love watching this tywo beating each other! I could watch a full hour of them facepunching each other silly nonstop.

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