VTV: Heroine Showcase – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Heroine Showcase’ is a VTV special designed to bring about the embarrassing defeat of Alias under the guise of praising her abilities. With Midnight waiting in the wings to crush her, this heroine is expecting half an hour of compliments and applause, what she gets is a lot of pain! Make sure to open your email if you haven’t already!



  • Wow! Outstanding!
    This video is a perfect example of why I always look forward to any release with Alias, and why she’s my joint-favourite. She always gives 200%. Her performance here was exceptional.
    Most of the action here was one-sided, and she sells it perfectly. You can see her get more and more worn down as the video progresses, until she’s totally helpless.
    Only the other day someone was mentioning how effective slaps can be, which is timely, since there was a really nice slapping sequence in this one (and the photo set too)
    Midnight was awesome too, just as he was in the earlier Wonderstrike video. He makes for a very convincingly intimidating heroine crusher.
    And a lovely accompanying photo set too.

  • The best NGC video I’ve seen in years! This actress is such a find. She’s very pretty, is a skilled actor, really throws a punch and has terrific reactions. The villain is also excellent. There’s plenty of varied fight action, including a very cool spinny/flippy move into a backbreaker. And, no disrespect to any other actors, for believability’s sake I really like it when the villain actually closes his or her hand when acting out a hairpull.

    Great job on this one! It’s a classic.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    The best performance from an NGC actress that I’ve seen in a couple years. Alias is probably the best right now with only Majesty I as serious competition.

  • My favorite part was Alias slamming the door in Midnight’s face. It shows desperation and resourcefulness at the same time 🙂 The Lady Victory Behind-the-scenes video is always a winner 🙂

    • Haha, you stole the comment I was going to make!
      Obviously this video is pure class top to bottom, but the door bit made me blurt out “holy shit!” without even thinking! Excellently conceived, superbly executed!

  • Honestly such a brutal and relentless one sided beating, specially in the second part where she dons the Red Glory costume. Added bonus the narrator teasing her at every chance.
    Only way this video could have been better was if you flew Erica’s actress and put in her in classic catsuit to star on this (and that’s my fav heroine and costume combination)
    Congrats, you just made a top 5 video in my books!!
    Props to both Alias and the villain as well, they are great additions to the cast!

    (Now I wonder how much it would cost to put alias in a Metro Girl costume, she seems born for that role!)

  • Thanks to all the Members who have bought and enjoyed this one so far. Non-members will get their chance a few hours from now, and I think your reviews should help them make the right choice! It’s a really good video. One of the best we’ve made this year.

  • Great video. The Alias actress has such an expressive face that she really manages to look genuinely shocked and surprised that the whole ‘Show’ has merely been a setup to publically and painfully capture her. I must also mention the ‘special effect’ used to emphasive the Red Glory ‘force field’ power, which I don’t recall being used before, but it not only is a good looking effect, it really advances the action, as Alias begins to realize that merely holding statis isn’t going to change the end result. Loved the vid!

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