VTV: Majesty in the Danger Room – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… VTV returns and it has Majesty as the star of the show! Of course, that is not at all what she wanted, but nevertheless, a star she shall be in her very own Danger Room. Killscape seems especially exciting to welcome the Brit-Beauty to her televised defeat, and keeps many tricks and traps in reserve for her peril to be enjoyed by subscribers! Don’t miss it!



  • Catsuits are probably so warm. I wonder if that’s the reason why Killscape doesn’t do the “deep freeze” on Majesty

  • The Danger Room remains my favorite series from NGC, and the ex-Mayor is such a great foil for whichever heroine might stumble across his batch of traps. Looking forward to next heroine (or may I suggest….heroines?) to step foot in the Danger Room!

  • I liked it!
    The Danger Room series has turned out to be one of your better endeavours, NGC.
    I guess if I had any complaint it would be that I would prefer that her hands were behind her back (as if wrists bound too), when chained, but its a minor issue at the most. I can live with how things turned out, if its an issue with the actress.
    I’m wondering if there could be a TRANSFORM video featuring Majesty? (either one would do)
    …or has TRANSFORM run its course?

  • AlyAdmirer says:

    This is the first Majesty video I’ve purchased, and I’ve gotta say, hopefully as respectfully as possible…

    I can definitely appreciate a good catsuit, and this is a VERY nice costume. But she has a body that almost begs to not be so covered. 🙂

    • Your comments definately have merit, AlyAdmirer, but I always saw that as Majesty’s attributes were of such a magnitude that she could actually be completely covered up without losing any ability to appeal to the eye.
      ….not all girl’s can claim that ability.

    • Why though. Imagination is great. For not covering clothing there are other sites. (A lot). Although lowering the zipper of the suit a tiny little bit add to the immersion of how hot it was. But this is why I like NGC. The actresses are good in acting and looking good doing it.

      • AlyAdmirer says:

        I honestly don’t disagree with you as much as you probably think I do, Rubster. 🙂 NGC is my favorite heroine site and producer for precisely the reasons you site: the actresses are IMHO the best in the genre, gorgeous and talented in equal measure. And Imagination is indeed a wonderful thing.

        … I just wouldn’t mind Majesty having a costume more in the vein of Spectrum is all. 🙂

  • I really liked this one. Majesty is fantastic. Her facial expressions are so good. The timings are good. Not overdone with the oe’s and a’s. Just after the blast a little ugh. And the special effects are just the amount that is needed.
    I like the danger room because it tics the box of the “old” peril genre of heroines. Please do a sequel with Majesty.
    Next in the danger room the giant swinging axe 😉

    Warning for headphone users should be applied lol

    • She is an exceptional actress, Rubster. I will agree with you on that.
      She apparently displayed a, heretofore, unknown talent this time around.
      Did no one else catch the fact that she can move her eyes independently?
      Watch the part where her brain is being worked over by the two posts, again.
      She crosses her eyes, then her right eye moves to the other side, without the left one moving at all.
      She does it a couple of times in that segment.
      Most of us have enough trouble just crossing our eyes, but then to take one and look to the other side without moving the other?
      It appears we witnessed something truly special, several times.
      A very talented actress, indeed!

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    A fantastic return for the Danger Room series! I’m glad to see that the DR still has legs, and there’s no sturdier foundation for that than Majesty. Once again she proves herself a phenomenal actress and top talent all around. I’d love to see her appear in each of NGC’s formal and informal series/formats: Transform, Tough Justice, Wheel of Enemies, Pure… I’d even like to see her take another spin in the Danger Room (Wonderstrike too, for that matter). Her arc in the Ongoing Story is going great as well. For the record, I love her costume; it suits her, IMO.
    Having all of these reliable series to pepper in between other events is a real strength. With a bunch of new heroines on the horizon, there’s plenty to look forward to. Is it too early to begin lobbying for Ubiquity to visit the Danger Room?

    • Re: Danger Room sequels – Lest we forget Dreamweaver, if only for the chance to see her hogtied again.
      I have to admit, that was a spectacular scene, for me at least.

  • My only complaint about this one is that I thought that the Killscape cam was overused, The difference in the quality of the Killscape cam and the regular high quality NGC cam drove me nuts. Otherwise, everything was great (Majesty I, different perils, the Majesty themed gag…) Thanks !

    • Killscape needs to get a new 8k mirrorless camera.

      As a supervillain, he needs to be at top of the game. His cameraman needs to beat NGC’s.

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