VTV: Majesty in the Danger Room – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday for everyone else… Majesty is tricked by VTV into the Danger Room, where your host, ex-Mayor Killscape, presides over her terrible perils! Can she escape its clutches? Or will she be another VTV casualty?


    • Well we’ve shot the video now, and this is the character’s costume. I don’t really know what you expect me to do with that information, sorry.

      • Between the lines, I think he’s just saying that he likes Majesty (or the actress rather) a lot, but has a preference for perhaps different color schemes/patterns/knit, or maybe he just likes sexier costumes (she did look real good in that Red Glory costume from a photo shoot you guys did). Maybe you guys can do one of those cosplay video’s with her some day.

        That said, I like Majesty as she is. I think the name and costume (and actress) symbolize a charismatic Great Britain heroine very well. I also LOVE the sisterly dynamic you guys had going with her and the other Majesty from a recent video. Their banter and familiarity with each other was endearing, cute, and whole lot of fun to watch as they endure and overcome peril.

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