VTV: Prime Guardian – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… VTV returns as Killscape’s grip on the channel tightens he forces two of his Guardians to fight for his favour. Shining Spirit and Lady X are loyal to the core, and want to prove who is mightiest… There is just one rule: NO MERCY!


  • Nice to see Shining Spirit’s talent for doing the splits (showcased in a recent photo-set) once again highlighted.
    And she even seems to be helping Lady X do the splits in that image too 😆

    Looking forward to seeing these two awesome heroines go at it 🙂

  • Some characters like Shining Spirit are at their best when taking a beating, they are great jobbers. Jobbers are my favorite female fem fight characters.

  • I see Shining Spirit might be on the loosing end (or at least the dominance may be split 60-40)…and I don’t mind that one bit. She looks fantastic and facing physically imposing enemies (with Lady X being taller) works wonderfully!

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