VTV: Prime Guardian – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… A heroine v heroine brutal battle takes place at the firm request of the psychotic Killscape! Lady X and Shining Spirit are bound by their loyalty and must compete, and compete they do in the harshest of ways!


  • Enjoyed this one, both actresses are fantastic. I really would like to see more of the Shining Spirit character, and Lady X showed off some real villain potential. Vids like this make it super interesting to think about the (eventual?) Killscape reveal and the fallout that will ensue.

    • Thanks, they did a great job, and I didn’t expect anything less. I think we are in the midst of that reveal if the last couple of appearances are anything to go by!

  • Was that really 17 minutes? That flew by 😀
    Awesome video! Up there among the very best heroine v heroine videos. The action was pretty intense, with neither heroine holding back. Lady X and Shining Spirit both got chance to kick some serious ass, as well as take a lot of lumps. Both actresses are a joy to watch. And it was fun watching them turn on each-other verbally, too.

    Wonderful photo-set, too, with lots of gorgeous shots of both heroines, and some cool action shots, with a real sense of movement.

    • Agree, as heroine battles go this one was elite. Of course, serving in the Guardians under Killscape doesn’t show these characters in the best light. I’m curious if we’ll ever see how much of their current attitudes are his influence and how much is just them. You have to admire the ex-Mayor’s charisma, though, to have such devoted followers.

  • Both actresses did great with the fight scenes. The ‘toss the chloro cloth’ trick helped to decide the match. Not sure why Lady X did not use her powers like Shining Light did.

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