VTV: Shining Spirit in The Danger Room – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for our amazing Members… Sunday on this website for everyone else. Shining Spirit’s loyalty to her Master; Ex-Mayor Killscape, is put under his very own torturous microscope as he uses all the tools of the Danger Room to make her life hell and satisfy his paranoia. On this occasion though, loyalty may cost the heroine her life! Open your emails!



  • Another awesome Danger Room entry, featuring a nice variety of diabolical dangers and restraints. Shining Spirit gave a stellar performance, and Killscape sounded like he was really enjoying himself 😆
    And a gorgeous accompanying photo-set, not to be missed.

  • Really liked the different camera angles for the arms restraint. This one had pretty much everything in it ( restraints, knockout dart, magnetic floor, sound, electricity, lasers…) ‘Mr Big’ knows how to have fun ! 🙂

  • The noise peril was the best part of the video, hands down! The way Shining Spirit rolls around legs kicking is quite a sight

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