VTV: Shining Spirit in The Danger Room – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… A paranoid Killscape pushes Shining Spirit to the limit in order to prove her loyalty to him…. Even if she is loyal though, she might still be destroyed!


  • I am such a fan of these productions
    My curious question is who had the original idea for this series
    Was it a actor-actress, a fan with a suggestion or did you yourself come up with the conscripts?

    The laser endings are sooo 007 movie like πŸ™‚

    • As suggested, it was started because we could only make solo videos for a period of time during the pandemic. Not a very original idea, but one that hopefully we’ve executed in an entertaining way.

  • Shining Spirit is one of my all time favorite heroines and it pains me beyond belief that of her 5 videos only her first video featured her in the whole video fighting a villain (2nd shared screen time, 3rd fought a herione, 4th entered video about 2/3s in, and now no villain at all which I really dislike but will probably buy because it is her.)

    Can we please, please get her back to a “normal” one on one fighting video?

    Heck, let me ask, will she be available for customs? What would a custom video cost for 15 minutes / 25 minutes where the core of the video is mainly combat, some holds and she is dominated? Please email about the last part.

    • I’m sure we will make something you like with her sooner or later. Customs are now closed for this year, but we will announce when they are ready to reopen.

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