VTV: Solaris in The Danger Room – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Solaris takes a trip to the Danger Room for the entertainment of VTV subscribers. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way, but rest-assured dear viewers, it IS entertaining! Open your emails if you haven’t already for the greatest show this side of the Sun!


  • Incredible performance in another fun Danger Room video. Lots of nice traps and torments for our Goddess, and she gave some wonderful reactions.
    I particularly loved the way she performed the sound trap. And, of course, chained and stuck to the floor was another big highlight. Wow!
    I also got a big kick out of the way she just shrugged off those early traps.
    And a gorgeous accompanying photo-set not to be missed 🙂

  • Recency bias and all, I think this is my favorite Danger Room yet. Solaris was incredible here, and out of all the “you wont get away with this” that have been uttered over the years, she may have had the best delivery of that line ever (all her lines, in fact, are tremendous, so great job performing and writing for those who deserve the credit). Can’t recommend this one enough!

  • Lots of danger traps. Solaris does a great job from being over-confident to accepting her reality. The restraints remind me of a snowangel pose. Overall a great vid ! 🙂

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