VTV: Solaris in The Danger Room – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Solaris falls into the clutches of Ex-Mayor Killscape and his wickedest of wicked VTV shows: The Danger Room! Surely a Goddess won’t have any trouble dealing with his schemes and plots? Or will she….


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    0:12 I WASN’T TOO FAR OFF!! Hahahaha. And that was the exact tone I knew she would say that in. This actress is a gem!

  • She has all the peril expressions. The one I liked best here was the expression on her face when she was trapped inside the block of ice, when she was darting her eyes around as if looking for a way out. I also like that soft, breathy, feminine voice that she uses. It makes me think of what might have happened if Marilyn Monroe had lived long enough to be a fading Fox studio starlet at the time the Batman ’66 series was on TV, and being produced by Fox studios, and someone had decided to cast her as Black Canary. In a way, this is even better than Marilyn, because this actress also has that accent when speaking, which lends an air of sophistication. Also, the Solaria actress is by no means fading at this time.

    • A very interesting alternate history for a 40 year old Marilyn that. Hard to say, but for such a big star to move from Movies to TV in those days is pretty much unthinkable, unless she was bankrupt or something. Still, better to be alive I would have thought.

  • There were actually a number of faded old stars who made guest appearances or cameos on that show. Joker actor Caesar Romero had been a reliable supporting cast player and B movie star since the ’30s; the same was true for Egghead actor Vincent Price, who was still a big horror film attraction at that time; Olga actress Ann Baxter had been an A list leading player of the more serious variety in the same period as Marilyn; George Sanders had been a big star who was everyone’s favorite ubersophisticated and sneeringly disdainful heel–and whose Mr. Freeze turn was in my opinion one of the best and most menacing villians; and Burgess Merideth was still a big star of the serious variety on stage and screen, and whose long period in demand for A list films was still in its prime, as he went on to some memorable roles in the ’70s–and whose Penguin is still my favorite rendering of that villain. The cameo appearance by Reginald Denny was the last of his career for the famed aviation buff who moonlighted as a film actor when he needed some scratch. Granted, none of them were as big as Marilyn, who was more in the superstar, top box office attraction category, like John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, or like Bing Crosby in the ’40s, or like Schwartznegger more recently, but Batman was kind of a trendy “in” thing to do at that time, and it is possible that the offer might have been made. Whether she did it or not might have depended on whether Marilyn’s ego, which by numerous descriptions was large and fragile, would have allowed her to do it.
    This whole alternative history discussion gives me another idea though. Can the Solaria actress sing a little? If so, she might make a very good Marilyn-like Black Canary parody character for Action Cosplay.

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