VTV: The Announcement – 1st Previews

VTV returns this coming weekend with ‘The Announcement’ – The Announcer’s regular podcast show where he dissects the going’s on in the NGC Championship. Only this time, a prisoner has somehow got out of her cell! Captain Liberty interrupts the podcast in order to beat the Announcer into providing her with an escape route for herself and her imprisoned team-mates. He is not keen, and uses his telekinetic abilities to stop her. Who will win out? Find out on Friday if you’re a member, Sunday if not!


  • i realised there were not so many boots kicking scenes during strangulations in recent videos. I hope there will be more scenes like that.

  • Good to see VTV back. They’re always a little different, and feature some of my very favourite videos (Tomorrow’s Villainy Today, Image Rights, Mighty Heroines of Destiny, and, perhaps my all-time favourite video: Tough Justice II). Can’t wait to see Captain Liberty on the Villain Network.
    Also good to see the Announcer get another chance for some action. He did a great job with the action in Celestia the Jobber

    • Interesting… I know what the fix is and have applied it again. But this time it definitely was working and stopped working, so there might be something unexpected going on. I’m sure you will let me know if it happens again.

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