VTV: The Announcement – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘The Announcement’, a weekly podcast on NGC Championship action presented by the Announcer himself, is invaded by a marauding Captain Liberty. She has broken out of her cell and needs to complete her escape. But despite the surprise, her foe soon finds his feet, and a sledgehammer. Escape will be far harder than she imagined!


  • Another amazing video and accompanying photo set. Loved both. I really enjoyed the Announcer’s use of telekinesis throughout, which added some really cool and unique moments to the fight. Captain Liberty continues to be a firm favourite. She’s always a joy to watch. And, for her third video in a row, she ends up in chains (and I’m certainly not complaining 😀 )

  • I was gonna comment this in the Heroine movies website but it seems there was no announcement there ^^

    Anyway, I was wondering about the bonus content and outakes. I know you use it as an extra hook to sell some more videos (it certainly worked for me this week since the bonus content is from one of, if no my favourite, video ever from you), but the fear of missing out is real!
    In this case it doesn´t affect me, but I imagine some guy finding the SHIP genre next year and falling in love with let´s say Athena, buy every video of her and then realizes going through the blog that there were BTS and outtakes of her favourite heroine. Considering some heroines are not coming back ever, it could be rather cruel, but more importantly you may be missing some extra future income.

    Would/could they be added to the video page together with the corresponding photoshoot when some time has passed (let´s say 1or 2 years) or are they really gone forever (meaning you delete them)? I suppose you know better tahn anyone both your audience and how much money old photosets or members video brought in recently. I had most of them, but I imagine some people were really happy when they found out there were Athena o Bluebird member videos they had missed from before they started watching NGC, I mean you have 10 years of content!

    Anyway, congrats on another great release!

    • Obviously people still find us organically, or through the social media, so this isn’t too outlandish. If this hypothetical person fell in love with Athena, he has 14 videos he can buy. If he is so interested in her that he finds out about member gifts she was in then that’s a pity for him, but I had to cater to my customer base at the given time.

      To be clear, were there not a time limit on member gifts, then none would exist because there would be no reason to make them. If they were permanent, whether attached or unattached to a specific release, then you’d just have people lose the urgency to buy. I need people to buy before they get distracted by the next release, be it mine or someone else’s, so that I can make more videos, upgrade costumes, upgrade equipment, pay people better, and generally keep the show on the road.

      • Aye that’s totally understandandable. You are running a business after all

        Luckily for me I have been around NGC since season 1 episode 2, so I own almost everything I wanted to buy from the old releases, so keep them coming! 🙂

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