VTV: Who Will Be My Bride? – Final Previews

Out already for our wonderful Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Lady X and Shining Spirit are captured by the Villain Network and given the chance to become the bride of Nemesis. This is something neither of them want, particularly as it means that they’ll be possessed by a Dark Goddess to do it. There only choice is to fight their way out! Will either of them succeed?


  • Holy Moly! Outstanding.
    I’m going to have to put this one up there among my favourites. It had a few things in common with my very favourite video: Tough Justice 2. Both feature lots of very fun moments (including a fake cheesy title sequence), and culminate in a humiliating 1 bad guy vs 2 heroines beatdown (my favourite kind 😉 )
    And the action in all three fights was top-notch.

    Even with all the fun moments, both heroines were actually playing very straight. Lady X and Shining Spirit both gave incredible performances. They’ve each got a few videos under their belt at this point (including Action Cosplay appearances), but this is actually only their 2nd video playing their respective NGC characters. And they’ve already both got a good grip on their characters.
    You can see the confidence fall away from the heroines as the video progresses. Particularly the part following Lady X’s defeat, where she admits she’d beg.

    A lot of the comedy actually comes from Nemesis. I loved the gesture he gives after Shining Spirit tries to blast him 😆

    The huge photo-set was also sensational, and shouldn’t be missed

  • Another terrifically fun episode from the Villain Network. The latest group of new heroines is amazing. Shining Spirit and Lady X are both fantastic and it’s great to see them together. At this point we know the heroines have no chance of defeating Nemesis, which makes the gimmick (the dating game show premise) essential to me, because it means there’s still some uncertainty about what’s going to happen. In fact, I had a guess about what the outcome would be that was completely wrong. The VTV series creates opportunities for unusual stories like this one; may it never end.
    Both actresses are wonderful handling their fights and inevitable defeats (Lady X does pass-outs really well) and bits of character are revealed through their dialogue. I especially love Shining Spirit’s unshakeable positivity, contrasted with Lady X’s more “practical” attitude. That makes these two a good team for a future video as well. NGC has had success before putting together duos (Wonderstrike and Red Glory, Comet Girl and Virtue, Spectrum and Infinity Girl or Majesty, Celestia and anybody) and this could be another good one. They’re both with the Equilibrium Guardians, I think, whom I’m dying to know more about. I hope it’s not long before we see them in the main story.
    Excellent photoset today as well. Lady X photographs really well, so happy to have a lot of her, and I think Shining Spirit can do no wrong. Awesome members gift this week as well.

  • Very kind reviews. Both ladies did a fine job and I agree that they’ve established the characters very quickly. I hope we will see a lot more of them in future

  • This reminded me a bit of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, where Shining Spirit was Dagger ( ie good) and Nemesis was Cloak (ie darkness/evil). I guess Nemesis is more crazy than evil as Shining Spirit’s light blast did not purify/cure his ‘evil’. Overall the video was good as it kind of dealt with an inevitable outcome forced on them by Nemesis with only the type of outcome being in doubt ( ie either possession by Lady Nemesis or being sold off ) The Lady X and Shining spirit actresses were great 🙂

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