Weakness Creation – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Solaris is in danger as Killscape uses a powerful new weapon that will create a new weakness for her. If his plans work out, from now on she can be KO’d with ease. Rendering her a shadow of the Sun Goddess she used to be. Can Solaris overcome this assault? Or will her superheroine career effectively be over?


    • No, really the only canon videos are the story videos. We might call back to a non canon video in another one, but that’s it. If she maintained this weakness she’d be absolutely useless in future vids, which would get a bit boring.

  • Outstanding! Incredible performance, and an awesome variety of KOs, both in the video and the accompanying photo-set.
    Love the cross-eyed expression she does a few times, especially during the chloro 😆

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Solaris. I hope one day I can be forgiven for ever thinking that you were overrated when you first debuted. This episode is yet another feather in your cap extolling all the virtues of why you were the best casting of 2023 and maybe of all time. For me, there hasn’t been an actress who’s gotten “it” as quickly as Solaris has. The “it” being: “Can you be confident? Can you be appealing? Can you be cocky and over-confident with more that just the words the script provides for you? Can you portray a character powerfully? Can you fight? Can you be charming and sexy? Can you sell peril well? Can you be confident in one sequence and look completely helpless in another?” The answer to all these questions from Solaris is a resounding yes and yes!

    If there’s one flaw that she has is that her intonations when getting “hit” is far too similar to one another. It’s not a fatal flaw because she does so many other things right but it’s just that for me, I don’t think stomach blows and face punches should yield the same cry repeatedly. If she could somehow come up with two, perhaps three different voice tones when getting hit then there may very well not be an actress alive that could match her performance across the board in this genre.

    That aside she has this truly remarkable ability of making Solaris look helpless, pathetic and weak whenever she’s on the wrong side of a beatdown. I’m more of a physical combat kind of person but this actress was meant to be retrained and put into all kinds of various submission holds just to watch her struggle and squirm in a way that makes the goddess look hapless. Like that ankle hold she suffered in the video. The reaction during and afterwards where she holds her ankle in pain might very well be worth the price of admission alone. To be honest, that should have gone on for a couple more seconds.

    And let’s not begin talking about her being choked several times over. Again, that ability of the actress to make the goddess look and act powerless is on full display in each one. I just loved seeing how her hands pound harmless against the Mayor’s grip in a frenzied and useless attempt to break the hold combined with some excellent expressions. Then there’s the KOs. So many to count. So many to choose from. Each one varied. Perhaps my favorite one though is when she attempts to wake up but then faints and falls back down. You’ll figure that would be the end of the fight but there’s still a quarter of a beatdown session left to go at that point! (things go disastrously bad for our goddess in this video guys).

    I can go on and on but the summary is this: Solaris is amazing. Episode really good. The goddess is in a KO fest for her life. Solaris is amazing. Fight is well sequenced. And….Solaris is amazing.

    PS. Solaris is amazing.

    • We do throw these actresses in at the deep end a bit, she has really got up to speed with what we want from her quickly and is great to work with.

  • Loved this vid! And if this “treatment” she was given does in fact stick… I’ll be getting every one of her vids from now on lol.

    • This is non-canon so it won’t stick. To be fair, if she was like this permanently then there would be no jeopardy at all. We’ll try and be creative with problems we give her in future.

  • 10/10. 5 stars. Video of the year. Submit this one to the oscars!!

    That is some incredible eye acting. Solaris is just wow, and love the plot and the potential outcomes of it.

  • Solaris’s swag didn’t last too long in the vid 🙂 I think this is one of the few times that I’ve seen a superheroine shake her head side to side to kind of snap out of it. Liked the knockout gas and chloro scenes the best. Overall a great vid !

  • So much has already been said, so I’ll keep it short: one of the best NGC videos of all time! And so much of the credit has to go to the actress portraying Solaris! She truly is a goddess, and NGC (and we, its customers) is lucky to have her. Just an epic performance!!

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