Weathering The Storm – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Captain Liberty battles Snare and Victor Mortis, and the stakes are very high! The gadget Mortis uses on her enhances her powers initially, but if she can’t win during that brief spell, her powers will crash! Leaving her at the mercy of Snare’s ropes and Victor’s bad intentions. For he has been negotiating with ‘free traders’ a re-opening of the Crown Prince’s portals, is the heroine trade about to re-start? Find out now IF you are a Member!



  • I love a villain like Snare having a “specialty” peril he uses. I’d love to see new villains with similar “trademarks” revolving around other perils.

  • Really enjoyed this outing! It was very comic-booky in how over the top both of the villains were, and not to mention some of the Captain’s line (ex: “cant…get…free….” im a fan of that comicesque dialogue). I can think of a few people I’d like to see Victor target next!

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes that kind of comic book dialogue. Next time Snare reveals the blue rope, I want the heroine to cry “Not the blue rope…!”

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Captain Liberty has been on an incredible run of videos recently (like Wonderstrike) and even so, this is a highlight. She’s been performing at a top level for years, but her videos also have stories and situations that take full advantage of her talents and match her with great villains. This video is a perfect example. I’m already looking forward to the members’ gift from this, just to get a little more of it.
    Speaking of the villains, these two are great. It’s cool that Snare just walks around with a rope on his arm, waiting for an excuse to bind someone. As Steve writes above, Snare’s peril specialization is terrific, and I would support more villains who have a distinguishing peril method. Meanwhile, the Victor Mortis actor is absolutely playing to the back row, and I am here for it. They get some fun banter before Captain Liberty arrives and their plot is set in motion.
    The smile that dawns on Cap Liberty’s face when she initially feels the power-up is amazing to behold. I mean, she’s a gorgeous woman, but that smile is brilliant and it returns a few times while she’s mopping the floor with the villains. Of course, that only lasts a couple of minutes and the remainder of the video gives the Captain ample opportunity to act out the effects of the power drain. CL is a master at playing weak and disoriented, and she looks unbelievable in restraints.
    Another thing about the Captain’s recent videos is that she’s faced some truly dire fates, and this one’s no exception. The multiverse really seems to have it in for her in the last several months.
    The photoset is tremendous. Lots of action moments and some beautiful poses.

  • That was a whole lot of fun! 😀
    Victor and Snare make a very entertaining double-act, with lots of great banter, and both actors obviously having a ball.
    You know how much of a huuuuuuge Captain Liberty fan I am. IMO she’s never been less than spectacular in any release. She gets to give a bit of lighter performance this week than in a lot of her recent releases (as Dr Mabuse said above, it’s wonderful to see her get chance to show off her smile a bit this week 🙂 ), but even with a touch of lightness, the peril and action is still top-notch.
    Lots of fun and inventive rope-work throughout. One thing I always love in Snare videos are the little editing tricks that really help sell Snare’s skills as the ‘Emperor of Entanglement’.

    Gorgeous accompanying photo-set, too

  • The acting by all 3 was great. Snare is very creative with the use of his ropes. Overall a fun video to watch ! 🙂

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