Wonderstrike in The Danger Room – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website. Wonderstrike’s ruse as a party girl has been bluffed by the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City, who now gives her the famous villainous ultimatum: ‘Join me or die!’ Wonderstrike has no intention of joining this creep, but her salvation seems far off as he puts her through trial after trial. His love unrequited, he feels he has no choice but to split her in two with a big laser!


  • Wow this video is so cool. I love the ex mayor’s danger room and all his apparatus. Especially love his tricks, traps and wonderful zaps hehe. Great work thank you.

  • DUUUUDE!!!
    You Rock!
    The Wonderstrike actress Rocks!
    The Videographer Rocks!
    The Audio guy Rocks!
    The Studio Rocks!
    Everything just ROCKS!
    Bought the video, the extra and the photo set.
    You’re the best, NGC. You really are!
    Can’t thank you enough for this one.

    …so maybe next up….Majesty?

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