X Heroine – 291 Photo Set

Another absolute monster of a photo set this week for Members… 291 Photos of Lady X posed and action in civilian and mostly costume, taking on Nemesis. I think after last month’s ‘Plan B’, this is the second largest ever photo set from a video release. HUGE. You must get it. Open TOMORROW’s email to do so.


  • Oh MAN! the photo of her unconscious and carried is just perfect! PERFECT. Please include more of these carry scenes if possible πŸ™‚ !!

  • I donΒ΄t remember the last time previews got me so hyped for a video. Even not being a fan of debooting in general, I think it works best with these leotards, and the actress looks absolutely stunning both in civilian and heroine attire. It also helps her having a sculptural figure that looks amazing fighting or being completely defeated!

  • In the past I’ve been publicly very anti-debooting, and while I’m still very much a boot-lover, my stance on debooting has softened. Mainly due to watching videos like “Comet Girl v 3 Hoodlums” and “A Place That Time Never Knew”, where I thought it really added to the video, and it wouldn’t have worked as well without it. And even I’ve got to admit that “Fallen Angel” has got to be right at the top of Angel videos.

    NGC is the only studio that can convince a lifelong boot-lover like me to buy debooting videos πŸ˜†
    And I know Lady X is going to be awesome

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